INCREDIBLES 2 – Now Playing in Theaters Everywhere

My sons fell in love with the movie INCREDIBLES years ago! It became a family joke that every year for Halloween we should all be the INCREDIBLES. My wife bought the costumes one year, but none of the sizes fit us so we scraped the idea! I just remember my kids really loving the movie and having it play on a loop at home for weeks and weeks and weeks. It’s one of those movies that never goes out of style. Even Victoria loved it once we finally played it for her. It’s just got a good message and it’s a great story.

I’m excited because now INCREDIBLES 2 is out in theaters everywhere! This is a sequel that was 14 years in the making and I can’t wait to see it with my 5 kids and my wife.

Disney sent along 2 clips that I”m allowed to share on my blog and they really make it even more exciting to get your butt to the theater!


Great clips and great movie!

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INCREDIBLES 2 is now playing in theatres everywhere!


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