Prepping your Home for Guests

Kicking off with the Thanksgiving holiday through New Year’s Eve, we’re constantly entertaining. We love to open our house to family, friends and colleagues during this time of year. It’s a great opportunity to catch up, celebrate and just have a fun and festive time together! We always include kids in our celebrations because with 5 kids of our own, we love to make sure families know they’re ALL welcome!

What constitutes a “perfect” holiday party for us at home?

It’s easy.

We make sure we’ve prepped our home comfortably to all of our holiday guests. That’s the most important thing of all. I want people to walk into our home and feel, well… home. I want them to relax. I want them to smile. I want them to enjoy. I want them to be comfortable and cozy. I want them to want to come back again and again.

What do we do to ensure these feelings for our holiday guests?

  1. Inviting Smelling House – I love to make sure my house has a yummy and delicious scent. I want my guests to walk in and immediately feel comfortable and that greeting scent can set the tone! I’m all about adding in holiday scents during this time of year. There are candles that are wonderful to burn that have scents that just give off that perfect holiday aroma… cinnamon stick scents, apple pie scents, pumpkin pie scents, vanilla scents, etc. It’s such a warm and welcoming way for a guest to be greeted!
  2. Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets –  There’s nothing like finding that perfect spot on someone’s couch or chair and just sinking in during the holiday party. I love to make sure I have warm, cozy and inviting throw blankets on my couch and chairs for people to cozy up to and lean against. It just adds a layer of comfort that you can’t beat! I always make sure they’re super clean and extra soft! My kids love heading to someone’s house and wrapping themselves up with a cozy blanket while watching a holiday movie! It’s fun for guests!
  3. Open Door Policy – It’s not this way during the year, just during the holidays. But we make sure all of our family and friends know that they’re all welcome! Open door!
  4. Delicious and Warm Drinks Brewing! My husband is the king of this tip! Whenever we have guests coming over for the holidays, he brews Apple Cider on the stove and it’s such a great drink to greet people on a cold winter night! He also makes a pot of hot cocoa for the kids (or adults!), too! It’s such a wonderful way to make your guests feel warm and yummy! Not to mention, the extra scent in the house is wonderful!
  5. Holiday Music – I wish I could play holiday music year round! There’s something about it that just really puts a smile on my face. My husband and I play the “Holiday Channel” on SIRIUS throughout the holidays when we have people over. We have it on in the background, and it really does bring joy to the house! It’s a simple thing to do, but a great way to prep your house for guests!

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