Frozen Koi Pond Polar Vortex

We were hit with the polar vortex last week and it was COLD!  For four days it didn’t get above freezing as the polar vortex brought freezing air down from the arctic.  Our Koi Pond froze over six inches thick!  That can hold some weight.

Me standing on the frozen koi pond

I slowly stepped onto the frozen koi pond listening for cracking sounds.  I went through the ice earlier this winter.  Theres a small leak in the koi pond and the water level slowly drops.  The ice was above the water and only an inch thick.  Not to mention I’m heavy.

This ice was much thicker.  It was freezing before the polar vortex, this was a day and a half in.  The ice looked thick.

kids on frozen koi pond

Victoria and Ben saw me standing on the koi pond out the window and were soon asking if they could walk on the ice.  I said yes as I easily weigh more than the two of them combined.  I’m not sure how they were outside without coats but they’re kids and will be jumping in the frigid ocean in a few weeks!

kids looking at koi through ice

Victoria noticed that she could see the koi swimming around under the ice.  Their metabolism slows down in the winter but they still move around a bit and get spooked when people are walking around on top of them.  Maybe that’s because I fell through the ice.

I was going to drill a hole through the ice and take some video of the koi underwater but the polar vortex gave way to warm weather and the top layer of ice thawed.  The koi pond was still frozen but I didn’t want to risk standing on it again.  It still hasn’t fully thawed even though it went up to 50 this week.  It snowed today and it’s covered in a nice blanket of white.  I hope the koi are cozy!

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