Alex on The Floor Of TD Garden – Celtics Cavs

Alex is our dreamer.  He is eternally optimistic and rarely carries a seed of doubt.

When he swims, he’s going to drop time, make the next cut.  He stands on the starting block as if it’s the Olympic finals.  He looks the part. He may add a second at the end of the race but he believes in his head that this is his race.


Running, it’s the same thing.  Always has a goal set, this year it was the state time cut.  He’s a sixth grader running against 8th graders, a huge difference at that age, but he has no doubts.  He made the cut on his very last meet of the season.


This past week Alex got a call from his Grandfather.  He was taking him to game two of the Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden to watch the Boston Celtics take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Alex LOVES basketball and was ecstatic.  After school he suited up in his Kyrie Irving jersey smiling ear to ear.

“I’m going to wear the shirt they give me at the game but I’ll get him to sign this one.”

We told him he was going to be sitting in the peanut gallery but he was sure he’d get down to the court.  Irving is injured so he figured he’d just walk up and get his jersey signed.  We tried our best to temper his expectations.  We should know better by now!

We got a text from my father-in-law that Alex was spotted by two Celtics Cheerleaders who asked if wanted to take part in an on court promotion between the first and second quarter, winner gets a Celtics Jersey!

Not only did he get to go on the TD Garden court, he killed it in front of 20,000 fans and won a Marcus Smart Jersey!  The best part is when my father-in-law called Audrey to tell her the news, Alex asked to talk to her.  “I told you Mom!”

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