Strawberry Jams by The Backyard Food Company

‘Tis the season, strawberry season!  Nothing marks the transition from spring into summer quite like fresh picked strawberries!


This year The Backyard Food Company has added two seasonal strawberry jams to the lineup.  We’ve been working to bring them to market the past few years and this year we finally pulled the trigger.

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam with Habañero or Rosemary Thyme

Strawberry Jam with Rosemary and Thyme is a unique blend of sweet strawberries and savory herbs.  Great with poultry or on a bagel with cream cheese, a very versatile product.

Strawberry Jam with Habanero adds a touch of heat to to the traditional strawberry jam.  The sweet habanero flavor plays well with the fresh strawberry and the heat adds a nice zing at the back end.  Great on vanilla ice cream!!!

Both jams are pectin free and designed to be spread with a spoon. It’s a little looser than a traditional jam but gooey, spreadable and oh so delicious!

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