Planting a Flower Box with Sis

I had to go to Home Depot today to get a few things to fix my pond filter.  Sometime over the past few years it must have been left full and then cracked when it froze.  I didn’t turn it on last year, it was full of muck and leaves from who knows how many years of neglect.  I hired someone to come clean it, they never showed up!

I cleaned it this winter after we lost power during a nor’easter.  I hooked a pump up to the generator, drained it and scooped out the sludge.  I figured I’d get a jump on spring and I’m really anxious to get some koi in it this year!

On our way out the door, Sis was digging in the empty flower box and I said we could get some flowers while we were there.  Mainly because I’m sick of telling her not to dig in it.


I tried not to get distracted by everything blooming!  I have a few bare spots in the landscaping I’d like to fill.  I’ve waited an entire year so I could see what the yard did on its own.  The landscaping was well thought out by someone and I didn’t want to jump the gun.  I know where I’ll be planting bulbs this fall!


Sis picked out a few pink and purple flowers to fill the box and we headed home to plant and water them.  They really spruce up the area by the door and I look forward to seeing them grow.  We can’t wait for Audrey to come home tomorrow and see them.


We even had a few left over for the pot in the back we found in the garden shed.  I’m going to plant some rosemary in the back of this and take it in over the winter.  I really miss my herb garden so it will be a happy new beginning.


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